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How to turn off Link preview In Outlook on web using Office 365

When you embed a hyper-link in any email in Outlook on web in Office 365, it automatically embeds the preview of the that url. This preview can result into a badly organized email, when you want the text to make an impact.

  1. When you compose an email, to explicitly remove the preview from the message, you have to click on “Remove preview” as shown in the 365 2 site name description
  2. To permanently disable this automatic preview feature, select “Settings” from the navigation bar. From the drop-down, select “Options” as shown in the 365 3 option setting
  3. In the “Options” window, select “Link preview” under “Layout” from the left navigation (refer the image).office 365 4 link preview
  4. In “Link preview” window, uncheck  “Preview links in email” and click “Save“.office 365 5 uncheck link preview
  5. In case, you want to enable this feature, follow the steps 2, 3 and 4 and check the checkbox.


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