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How to setup email forwarding in Office 365

In Microsoft Office 365, we can enable email forwarding in our email account. This feature is useful, if you are busy or on vacation or don’t want to receive any mail for some time, then you can forward your emails to any other email account. To setup email forwarding, see the following steps –

Step 1 : Login with your user id into Office 365.

office 365 1 forwarding email login

Step 2 : Click on Settings icon from top right corner as shown in the image below and then click on ‘Mail‘.

office 365 2 forwarding email settings mail

Step 3 : From the left menu, expand “Mail” and then expand “Accounts“. From the menu, then select “Forwarding“.

office 365 3 forwarding email forwarding

Step 4 : Select “Start forwarding” and also enter the email-id to which you want to forward your emails.

office 365 4 forwarding email start

Step 5 : Select  checkbox  – “Keep a copy of forwarded massages“, if you want to keep a copy of forwarded email messages in your account.

office 365 5 forwarding email keep copy

Step 6 : Now Click on “Save”

office 365 6 forwarding email keep copy

Your all mails are now forwarded to the mail account specified by you. Same way, you can “Stop forwarding” your emails by selecting the other radio button.


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