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How to change DNS entries in office 365 – Part I

When you move your emails to Microsoft Office 365, you get a temporary url and access info. You need to then assign/map a FQDN of the existing domain to this temporary access. In this article we are going to change DNS entries for ABC User from the ABC company.

First of all, logon in office365 with admin user of ABC company. ( The admin email/user-name will be like this “”.

Office 365 1 change dns entries login

After logging in, click on DOMAINS. We are going to create new domain in office 365.

Click on, “ADD DOMAIN”.

Office 365 2 change dns entries add domain

Step 1. In the first step, we will specify the domain name and confirm the ownership of that domain. To initiate process, click on “Start step 1″.

Office 365 3 change dns entries start step 1

Type here domain name ie. “” Click on next.

Office 365 4 change dns entries domain name

Here select the Domain where we already host the domain (site). We will confirm the ownership by changing the “TXT Record” of the domain.

Drop down provides step-by-step instructions on changing “TXT” record for all major hosting companies. For the tutorial, we will select “Network Solutions”

Office 365 5 change dns entries network solutions

Now open in the second tab. And login with admin account for managing the domain.

Office 365 6 change dns entries login

Here, from “My Domain Names” select “”.

Office 365 7 change dns entries my domain names

Click on “Edit DNS” to make changes in “TXT” record.

Office 365 8 change dns entries edit dns

Select the required domain e.g. “” and click on “Edit DNS”.

Office 365 9 change dns entries edit dns domain

In the next step, click on “Manage Advanced DNS Records”.

Office 365 10 change dns entries manage advanced dns records

In Office 365,  admin center copy the value for TXT record and then apply the same in the DNS edits. e.g. for the demo purpose, we will use the string as per the screenshot, i.e. copy “MSsms15244287”.

Office 365 11 change dns entries add txt records

In Network Solutions:

Click on “Edit TXT Records”.

Office 365 12 change dns entries edit txt records

Type the following details and click on continue.

Office 365 13 change dns entries paste mx records

Click on “Save Changes”

Office 365 14 change dns entries save changes

In Office365:

Click on “Done, verify now”.

Office 365 15 change dns entries done verify now

Now first step is complete. Click Finish.

Office 365 6 change dns entries finish



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