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How to schedule a meeting in outlook 2013

Outlook email allows user to send and receive emails add tasks in the calendar, keep an updated contact list, and so much more, making you more organized and efficient in the workplace. One of the great features in Outlook 2013 is the ability to organize and schedule meetings, whether they are face-to-face or virtual. We are going to discuss schedule a meeting, step by step:

  1. Click on file menu then point on New Items>Meeting, as per the image below:

outlook 2013 1 file for schedule a meeting

2.This untitled meeting window pops up where user can fill all the fields like ‘To’, ‘Subject’ as shown in the image below:

outlook 2013 2 untitled meeting schedule

  1. Click on Rooms option, type ‘Library’ in the search box, then ‘Enter’, and select a meeting room from the list, and click ‘Rooms ->’ option, click OK as shown in the image below:

outlook 2013 3 rooms

outlook 2013 4 library

4.Select the Start time and End time for the meeting, type any information that you want to share with the recipients.

outlook 2013 5 meeting

5.If you want to attach any files, click “Insert” tab, then click “Attach File”.

outlook 2013 6 insert

6.On the Meeting tab, in the “Show” group, click on “Scheduling Assistant”. “Scheduling Assistant” helps to find the best time for your meeting. Click “Add Attendees” (refer the image below for options)

outlook 2013 7 meeting tab

7.In the “Select Attendees and Resources” dialog box search for the contacts to invite them for the meeting.

outlook 2013 8 attendees and resources

8. You can change “Address Book” to “Global Address List” to expand the search criteria. Enter the name of a person that you want to invite to the meeting in the Search box. Select the name from the results list, and click “Required” and then click “OK” (see the image).

outlook 2013 9 global address list

9.All Attendees that a user wants to add in meeting invitation will appear as shown in the image below:

outlook 2013 10 attendees

After filling all the required details, click on “Send” button to invite people for the meeting.

Explore info about ‘Set Schedule in Microsoft Outlook 2016‘.


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