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It is About Time You Opt for Proactive IT Solutions and Consulting in Chicago

Since various IT systems play a vital role in your day to day business operations now, it is more important than ever to opt for proactive IT solutions.

 Makeshift, slow and on-demand IT solutions are considered old school now. This is not just applicable to medium scale businesses but small scale enterprises too. If having a dedicated in-house team is not an option due to budgetary limitations or limited IT requirements, you can just partner with us.

One way or the other, if you want to use IT to your advantage, having proactive IT solutions is a must have and not nice-to-have.

Transition from Re-Active to Pro-Active

More and more small businesses are looking for service providers who can help them switch from a re-active to a pro-active model. Such a model entails the deployment of precautionary measures to keep IT problems from surfacing time and again.

Several manuals for known problems, for instance, are kept ready beforehand to resolve them within minutes.

In some cases, the employees at a small business are also trained on how to troubleshoot common issues so that an IT support executive can do the needful remotely, without having to visit the site in-person.

Not many small business owners realize the importance of a proactive service delivery model. They tend to believe that on-demand and re-active services can help them save more in the long run.

The fact of the matter is that proactive services are cost effective in the long run only because IT companies would make serious efforts to achieve greater satisfaction at lesser cost by doing the following:

  • Take preemptive measures; keep problems from happening
  • Schedule routine IT health checks; so that the possibility of downtime is minimized
  • Audit warranties and software upgrades; so that you don’t have to spend more in the long run
  • Have well defined procedures for troubleshooting; so that problem identification is swift and resolution ultra-quick
  • Use a hierarchy model to lower costs; junior technicians look after the simplest of tasks and senior consultants chime in when there is a need
  • Have a contingency plan ready; so that when things go wrong, as they might, your business operations do not come to a permanent halt

At DP Tech Group, we have such a pro-active IT support service delivery model in place. Call us at 773-358-1050 if you want to know more on why it is more suitable today.


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