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Why Reputed IT Support Companies in Chicago Recommend Using Small Business Servers

Any small business having employee strength of more than five may need to consider investing in a small business server.

 It’s 2015 and there is hardly any small or medium scale business in Chicago or elsewhere in the world that does not use some form of technology nowadays. Reputed IT support service providers in Chicago alone are catering to hundreds of small businesses in the region.

You’d agree that information technology is used to reduce operating costs, improve employee productivity and digitize business logic. But it is a fact that some businesses manage to use IT in a better way than the others. Their choice of technology, IT support service providers and futuristic vision enables them to correctly align information technology with their key business goals.

You too can do that. DP Tech Group helps small businesses in achieving exactly that.

While there are dozens of things you need to pay heed to, using a small business server is one of the highly recommended options. A small business server is a sound investment; it comes with long term computing benefits that cannot be overlooked. We understand that small businesses have budget constraints and investing in a server might not be their top priority. But the days when businesses worked on an ad hoc network are gone now.

Let go of the common conception that a server is similar to a desktop PC. It might look like one but it is actually optimized to efficiently run user-friendly desktop applications and it is also responsible for facilitating other business tasks.

It is a whole different engineering gamut all together.

At DP Tech group, we have experts who can custom design a server for your specific needs. The server will be able store, process and manage data. It will work around the clock, all year long. They come equipped with powerful processors, hard drives and are scalable as far as data processing speed and storage capacities are concerned.

A file server on a small business server is can be highly secure provided it is configured well. Also, it can be used to store backups or for running a single copy of software on multiple computers. Your employees can be given access rights for certain applications and all departments (even if they include just one or two people each) can be much more organized.

A small business server, as we know from our first hand experience at DP Tech Group, enables small businesses to centralize many of their day to day tasks. We do not push our clients to use one but yes, we do consider it our duty to educate them on the subject.

Even if you have had no association with DP Tech Group until now, we’re still interested in answering any queries you may have about the utility of a small business server. Just ring up 773-358-1050 and one of our experts will politely answer any questions you may have.


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