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What is Google Webmaster Tools

What is Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster SEO Consulting

Visibility, authority and high volume traffic are much desired outcomes for just about every Internet enterprise. Between making a living and making a fortune, there is often the simple case of an aggressively marketed presence over the web that can help your business to grow by leaps and bounds or fall flat in no time.

But, marketing can never be directionless. Each online marketing campaign is based on market research, consumer behaviour patterns and other such factors. Google Webmasters is a powerful area that helps in this very area. It helps webmasters (or website owners) to analyze the overall visibility of their websites.

The Basics

Google’s Webmaster Tools is a free service. You can use this free service to get a general evaluation of your website. Done right, this evaluation can help you draw a set of useful insights on how to better optimize your website.

Signing up for this service is not compulsory for the search engine to crawl your website but the advantages it offers are too good to ignore.

Why Using Google Webmaster Tools is Recommended

  • Ensure that your website is really accessible to the search engine
  • Submit new web pages or take off the ones you don’t want to be appearing in search results anymore
  • Monitor span issues for timely resolution
  • Identify queries that are directing traffic to your website
  • Identify pages that are linking to your website
  • Find out if it’s the desktop or mobile version that you should be concentrating on

From web developers and SEO professionals to business owners and website administrators, just about everyone committed to increase a website’s online visibility should sign up for Google Webmaster Tools and use it to its full capacity. The learning curve is small and the benefits, plenty.


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