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SEO and Google Analytics

SEO and Google Analytics

Google Analytics SEO Consulting

Google provides content marketers and developers with tools that help them fashion their content better to serve their purpose. Google wants genuine websites to be promoted and ranked higher as compared to content that lacks originality and quality. To bring content novices and big-time players on a level playing ground, Google provides the free service of Google Analytics.

Google analytics helps you examine the performance of an ongoing SEO campaign. In fact, it is one of the best tools available on the Internet for monitoring and measuring the progress of an internet marketing campaign.

Listed below are some uses of Google Analytics:

Tracking the Visitor Flow

How does a visitor reach your website? Google Analytics can be used to identify the source.

This is a key indicator in mapping the process of your visitor’s journey to your website. This information helps you explore possibilities. You can use such insights to generate content or focus on quality backlinks that ensure more penetration.

Evaluating the Engagement

  • What is the most popular part of your webpage that visitors access the most?
  • What is the kind of content that attracts most visitors to your blog?
  • What are the most common queries that visitors like to be answered?

These are only a handful of the questions that Google Analytics helps in answering. Having the knowledge of behavioural patterns of your visitors puts you in the advantageous position of knowing what a visitor wants.


With the help of segmentation results, you can learn how many new visitors visit your webpage, how many are loyal visitors you have and the kind of content that keeps them coming back. You can also check the behaviour flow of your website visitors. For example, you can track which pages on your website are finally turning visitors into buyers.

Tuning the Website

After having studied the analytics report, you can tune the website to adapt to visitor traffic.

Sections or pages that perform poorly can be adequately modified or replaced altogether with something that will engage the visitor and promise long-term benefits.

It’s free

All of this help and potentially game-changing assistance, and it is absolutely free from Google.

Professional Analysis Can Help

Although Google Analytics for everyone to use, only experts with direct experience in measuring SEO campaigns can draw out real insights from the reports.




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