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What is Google PageRank (PR)?

What is Google PageRank (PR)?

Google PageRank SEO Consulting

The Google PageRank is an algorithm that determines the popularity of a page on Google search engine. This ranking mostly depends on the quality of the content available on the page, alongside the quantity and the handling of incoming and outgoing links.

SEO experts use numerous techniques to improve the PageRank of different pages of a website.

PageRank and SEO

SEO specialists worldwide have mixed views about the capabilities of PageRank. For some, the change in Google Updates has come as a bad omen, but for others, it has made the playground levelled and fair. What is though undisputed, is the way in which the very availability of PageRank, and the parameters that define it, SEO is often modelled and executed.

The Values

  • The value of Google PageRank varies between 0 and 10
  • A score of 0 does not mean that a website has been blacklisted. It just means that the said page has no PageRank i.e. it has not been ranked by Google
  • A score of 1 is the first score a page can have
  • 10 – it is the perfect score any website can get




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