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Why Localization is a Must for Conversions

Your small business website must resonate with the local culture and people, and should build a strong connection with them. It is one of the best ways to differentiate your offerings from the heard and present your company as a local brand that customers can trust and engage with.

Our advice at DP Tech Group is that all small business websites should localize.

Be Local; Get Quality Backlinks from Local Websites

There are plenty of local websites from which you could get quality inbound links or back links, but this is not possible if your website is not localized.

Chances are that a good number of websites and blogs producing local content may be interested in linking to your blogs or web pages.

How about creating and promoting blog-posts on local events or local problems you intend to solve?

Create Localized Versions of Landing Pages

Are you targeting a couple of cities or towns in a state? Why not create localized landing pages specifically for these locations?

Chances are that you may want to add different graphics and content to these pages. You may even consider the option of creating multi-lingual versions of some landing pages in case the target audience in a city/town happens to have English as a second language.

Localized Websites Receive More Brand Value

By just localizing your website, you can easily demonstrate that you trust and respect the local values and culture. On the surface, it may appear to have no direct SEO benefits but the fact of the matter is that you will have to make lesser efforts in order to win customers’ trust this way.

Final Words

If yours is a small business, why pretend like a big company? Just focus on your target market, optimize your website for the local keywords, cater to the needs of a smaller and local audience, and get the desired results. Customers do not choose big or small companies for services or products. They choose companies they can trust or brands they can easily relate to. Localization helps you achieve exactly that.


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