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Use of these WordPress SEO Plugins for Easy Optimization

Now that you’ve installed WordPress and are done with the basics of SEO, it’s time to delve deeper and install plugins for higher optimization. Trust us when we say, it’s an easy task. A great many SEO plugins are available online, and here’s a list of the 5 best that will work for you:

WPSSO (WordPress Social Sharing Optimization)

With WPSSO, you can control descriptions of your page on social media. In addition to that, it makes posts more sharable.

Social page are already encouraging visitors to share, tweet, and pin posts, but WPSSO takes this to an all new level. It takes care of all the latest sharing features supported by different social media websites.

WordPress SEO Social Sharing Optimization


WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast specializes in creating plugins and by far, WordPress SEO is one it’s most popular products. When you enter a keyword in the plugin search, it will scan your content, and tell you the exact number of times a keyword has appeared in the page title, headline, content body and also in the meta description.

WordPress SEO by Yoast_2


SEOPressor5 uses LSI keyword analysis to check if your content is optimized. When you type a keyword in the search box, LSI monitors if it is being used optimally or not. At this point of time, you can also replace keywords in the content, by simply typing in the new keyword. The keywords will be replace everywhere it the previous keyword had been used.


All in One SEO Pack

In comparison to all the rest, All in one SEO pack comes with more features. Of these features, the most powerful is the ‘performance feature,’ which reviews website content and makes recommendations for improved user experience. It also tells ways in which content can be optimized for higher rankings.

All in One SEO Pack_4

SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate comes with 20 different modules that are designed to help you create attachments, tags, archives and other optimizers. It can search an entire page and automatically link it to destinations chosen by users. Additionally, an auto-link control feature allows users to avoid penalties for over-optimization.

SEO Ultimate_5


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