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Phone System Follow Me Configuration

VoIP Phone System Feature – Follow Me

Follow Me is an advanced feature and it can be managed from the main panel of the hosted PBX phone system. The facility practically makes it possible for all calls to ‘follow’ you – the user. In environments where different users are always on the move or when work responsibilities demand them to go out frequently, the Follow Me feature of a hosted PBX will ensure that all calls coming in at your office phone are delivered to you.

When a customer or a caller calls on a particular extension, the phone rings for a predetermined duration (as per the configuration on the hosted PBX), and then directs the call to the registered ‘Follow Me’ numbers.

With the Follow Me facility in place, phone calls can be directed to a mobile device, an IVR or an extension as per the requirements, and rejected the same way. Once all of the numbers or destinations have been tried out, the call goes back to the original extension’s voicemail.

This feature is also designed to protect the privacy of a user; the call will never jump to the personal voicemail box of the user. What needs to be kept in mind here is that if this call, routed via Follow Me facility, is answered on a smartphone or a mobile device, it can no longer be transferred. This feature also ensures that the person who is calling gets to speak to somebody eventually, and does not let him feel frustrated after the long wait.


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