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VoIP Phone Message System for Voicemail

VoIP Phone System Feature – Voicemail

Voicemail is a very common and the most basic feature in all phone systems of the day. It very cleverly allows the user to leave a pre-recorded message for his callers. The user also adds instructions on how to leave a message. The user can play that message later at his convenience and respond accordingly.

If the user does not wish to leave a message, he can set his phone on either of the two modes explained below:

  • Mode 1: The phone keeps ringing and the calls are not answered.
  • Mode 2: The caller gets a busy tone, every time he calls a specific number. This mode is also called the DND (Do-Not-Disturb). In this case, the phone does not ring at all.

Besides the instructions for leaving a message, a voicemail can also be configured to route the calls to a different location.

A single PBX is designed to handle multiple voicemail accounts or boxes. Nowadays, certain voicemails also come with an advanced facility for email wherein a voicemail message can be forwarded via email to the intended recipient. He can then access the voice message without having to use the phone on the private network.


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