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What is Pay-Per-Click PPC Marketing?

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

Of all the Internet Marketing formulas that are used to price online ads, Pay-Per-Click or PPC is the most accepted one. It is a popular way of driving traffic to your website by paying search engines and online ad networks. You can even tie up with online publishers directly.

What is PPC?

As the name suggests, Pay-Per-Click implies that you pay for each click recorded on your banner or text advert.

So, if your advertisement is served a million times and clicked upon by users on 90 occasions, you’d just be paying for the 90 clicks in total.

The price of a single click can range from few cents to tens of dollars depending on several factors. Insurance and finance keywords, for example, could cost up to $50 for each click.

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What is a PPC Program Like?

We often see sponsored ads at the top of SERPs of Google and other search engines. Those advertisements are a part of a PPC campaign.

Are the Sales Guaranteed?

No. The final conversion rate has nothing to do with a PPC campaign.

We do advise our clients on how to get better conversion rates by developing high-end landing pages, for instance, but PPC campaigns as such are just about driving highly targeted traffic.

Regardless of whether a sale is made or not, the agreed-upon PPC rate has to be paid for each click.

How PPC Ads Work and What Are Their Benefits?

As an advertiser, you pay Google (Adwords) or your chosen ad network a certain fee every time your ads bring visitors to your site through clicks. The return on investment is high when a PPC campaign is designed smartly.


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