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Setup Migrate Environment to Migrate from Gmail to Office 365

You can migrate your existing email contacts, calendars etc. to Office 365. Moving from Gmail to Office 365 requires setting up “Migration Environment” initially. After setting up the migration environment, you need to configure Office 365 to sync with Gmail.

  1. Log in to your Gmail admin console and select 365 1 gmail consol
  2. Select the user(s) which you want to migrate to Office 365 2 gmail consol
  3. On other side, log into Office 365 with “Administrator” user account and select “Exchange” from the 365 3 gmail consol
  4. In “Office 365 admin center”, we need to create a mailbox for each user, to be migrated from Gmail. To create a mailbox, click on “users and groups”.office 365 4 users and group
  5. Click on “+” icon to add new user. Fill the required details and assign the license for the 365 5 users and group office 365 6 users and group office 365 7 users and group
  6. After creating users in Office 365, we will create a migration file in excel. This migration file is basically a “.csv” file which contains Office 365 email accounts, and their corresponding Gmail user name and 365 8 users and group
  7. Now verify that Office 365 can communicate with Gmail. To confirm this, open exchange Admin console (refer image).office 365 9 gmail consol office 365 10 users and group
  8. Select the more button and select “migration end points”.office 365 11 users and group office 365 12 users and group
  9. Select “IMAP” as migration endpoint 365 13 users and group
  10. Type “” as value for “IMAP server”.office 365 14 users and groupIn this way we can verify Gmail and Office 365 can communicate. The environment setup is complete now.


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