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How we can connect other accounts in Office 365

1.We can connect other email accounts with ‘Office 365’ account. For this, first login with your office 365 account as shown in the image.

office 365 1 login connect other accounts

2.Then Go to ‘Settings’ from the top right.

office 365 2 settings connect other accounts

3.Under Settings, click on ‘Mail’.

office 365 3 mail connect other accounts

4. Under “Mail”, expand ‘Accounts’ and then select ‘Connected accounts’ as shown in the image below.

office 365 4 connected accounts connect other accounts

5. “Connected accounts” option will show you the account connected with your account if there any, if not you can connect account by clicking on “+” sign at the top.

office 365 5 connected accounts connect other accounts

6.Fill account details that you want to connect with your office 365 account and click ‘OK’. The wizard will initiate connecting with that account.

office 365 6 add account connect other accounts

7. If the wizard is not able to complete automatic configuration, it will prompt for manual configuration, starting with connection type. Select from ‘IMAP or POP’, depending upon the connection.

office 365 7 pop connection setting connect other accounts

  1. This screen will pop-up in-front of you, confirming details of the account.

office 365 8 pop connection setting connect other accounts

  1. Fill all required details related to the another account. Check the box of ‘Leave a copy of messages on the server’ If you don’t clear this box, when you delete an email in office 365 Outlook, it will still exist in your email service. You’ll need to sign in to your email service to delete it there.

office 365 9 new pop account connection setting

10.In the ‘Server Information’ section, here’s where you need to enter the information you got from your email provider:

office 365 10 server information

Choose ‘OK’, You will get a message that account is connected.


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