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How to use navigation in office 365

  1. Firstly, Log onto Outlook for web (Office 365).office 365 1 signin account
  2. Click on the “App Launcher” in the top-left corner of the navigation bar.You will a see a listing of all available services, depending upon your license. We will start with “Calendar”.office 365 2 calendar option
  3. Calendar” window appears on your screen. You can set your daily routine schedule, office meetings, events 365 3 calendar appear
  4. From the “App Launcher“, select  “Outlook”. Following window appears on your screen. Click on “More” to view detailed 365 4 more option
  5. Click “New” for sending 365 5 new email
  6. If you want to explore further,  from the settings menu, select “Options” (refer below image).office 365 6 setting options
  7. Mail” options will be visible on your screen. From the navigation in the left, you can select any option – “Automatic processing“, “Accounts“, “Attachment Options” and “Layout“. E.g. when working with emails, you can set “Automatic replies” for your emails. To set, select “Automatic replies“ option and enable/disable the settings. Specify the time frame for the replies – start and end date and how would you like your Calendar to 365 7 automatic replies
  8. Outlook for Office 365 automatically scans for emails and moves them to “Clutter” folder depending upon your response to the emails in the past. To enable/disable “Clutter” service, click on “Clutter” (as shown in the image). office 365 8 clutter option
  9. If you want to specify rules for mails, go to “Inbox rules” and create 365 9 create rules
  10. Under the “Accounts” sub-head,  you can explicitly block or allow emails from the contacts. Emails from the “Blocked senders” are automatically moved to the “Junk” email folder.You can set forwarding, connect different account and even check POP/IMAP settings for your 365 10 account settings
  11. To check emails from other accounts within Office 365 account, click on “Connected accounts” option. You can easily manage your different accounts from one consolidated 365 11 connected account
  12. To check Forwarding status i.e. to start or stop forwarding , click on “Forwarding” under “Accounts“.office 365 12 forwarding emails
  13. To set signatures in your email messages, use for “Layout” option. Under “Layout“, select “Email Signature“. To automatically add your signatures, select “Automatically include my signature on message I send” option. office 365 13 email signature
  14. If you want to format text in the email messages – select “Message format” and specify font-type, font-size, and font-effects like  bold, italics or 365 14 format message
  15. To set the layout of your mail window, select “Reading Pane”.office 365 15 reading pane


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