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  1. First step, login into your Microsoft Office 365 365 1 log in
  2. Select on “Outlook” from the “App Launcher“, if not in the email 365 2 outlook web
  3. Click on “New” for creating a new email 365 3 create new email
  4. To insert an attachment, click on “Insert” and select “Attachments or OneDrive files” 365 4 insert attachment
  5. Browse to the file you want to attach with the email message. In following image, we have attached “Team Site notebook”.office 365 5 team site attachment
  6. Now, a window opens on your screen prompting you to “Share with OneDrive” or “Send as attachment“. If you want to send attachment as a separate copy or the intended viewer of the email doesn’t use “Outlook”, you can use the second option.
  7. office 365 6 share with onedrive
  8. You can see attachment on your web screen. Click “Send” to send the 365 7 attachment inserted

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