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How to disable safe mode in outlook 2010 with registry settings

When using Microsoft Outlook 2010, sometimes we get safe mode error when you open your outlook. It will show you “Safe Mode” at top in the application bar. We can easily resolve this issue by editing entries in the registry.

When you open outlook you can see safe mode on the top as in the image below

outlook 2010 1 safe mode error open outlook

Follow the steps below to resolve this error by editing registry entries.

Step 1 : Press “Window + R” to pen “Run” dialog box. Type “regedit” and then click “OK”.

outlook 2010 2 safe mode error run regedit

Step 2 : Click on “HEY_CURRENT_USER” and expand it on the left side. You will see the layout similar to this image.

outlook 2010 3 safe mode error hkey current user

Step 3 : Click on “Software” and expand it.

outlook 2010 4 safe mode error software

Step 4: Click on “Microsoft” and expand it.

outlook 2010 5 safe mode error microsoft

Step 5 : Expand “Office” and navigate to “14.0” -> “Outlook”, as shown in the following image.

outlook 2010 6 safe mode error office

Step 6 : Scroll down to “Security” under “Outlook”.

outlook 2010 7 safe mode error security

Step 7 : Right-Click “Security” and from the popup menu, select “New” and then “DWORD (32bit) Value”.

outlook 2010 8 safe mode error dword

Step 8 : Rename the created “DWORD” to “DisableSafeMode”

outlook 2010 9 safe mode error disable

Step 9 : Right-click on “DisableSafeMode” and select “Modify”.

outlook 2010 10 safe mode error modify

Step 10 : Change the “Value data:” from “0” to “1” and then click “OK”.

outlook 2010 11 safe mode error value data

Step 11 : All done. Now close the registry editor and open Outlook. You can see it will run in normal mode now.

outlook 2010 12 safe mode error dword


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