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There are two methods to add an appointment in Microsoft Outlook 2013.

First Method :-

  1. To create an appointment or reminder, first select a calendar.outlook 2013 1 calendar
  2. Now click on a time slot (day , start and end time) and start typing.outlook 2013 2 calendar
  3. Once an appointment is set in the Calendar, click “Reminder” in the Ribbon and specify the time frame for the reminder to work.outlook 2013 3 reminderSecond Method:-
  4. When in Calendar, select the “New Appointment” from the “Home” tab in the Ribbon.outlook 2013 4 appointment outlook 2013 5 appointment
  5. Specify the “Subject”, “Location”, “Start Time” and “End Time” of the appointment.outlook 2013 6 appointment

You can set appointment by any of the above methods and easily manage your schedule.

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