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Is Your IT Services Company In Chicago Backing Up Your Critical Data?

Have you tied up with an IT services company? Are you sure all of your business critical data is safe?

 Off late, businesses of all sizes have been witnessing an explosion in the volume of data they hold.  Even small businesses are now attempting to achieve end-to-end computerization in their operations by hiring IT service companies in Chicago. This means the data generated on a daily basis is higher than it has ever been. This data is an extremely important business asset and therefore, extreme care needs to be taken in order to protect it from all known and unknown threats.

Critical data loss always has a financial impact on companies; in worst case scenarios, data loss, data corruption or data thefts can even result in business collapse.

So, it is absolutely important to ascertain that your IT service provider in Chicago is doing the needful to make all backups immune to all sorts of unwanted situations that may come around.

Why Are Data Backups So Important?

  1. Accidental deletion of data: A careless employee or an unintentional mistake can result in accidental data loss. Such accidents can happen in any organization. The only solution to counter such accidents is to have separate copies of your data.
  2. Storage medium issues: USB flash drives, rewritable optical disks and other such mediums are all prone to being damaged with time.
  3. Malicious intent: A jealous competitor or a disgruntled worker can delete, steal or corrupt important data on purpose. Having a sound data recovery plan is therefore a must.

The backup strategy needs to address fundamental questions as to what to backup, how often to perform run backups, and when to carry out log checks to ensure successful data backups on an ongoing basis.

What type of Data Backup System has your Service Provider Employed?

Safety and recovery time for data should be the two most important parameters while selecting a data backup system. At DP Tech Group, we recommend local backups on small business servers, cloud backups or both, depending upon the nature of data, volumes and frequency of updates.

Your Data, We Know, Is Now Your Business’s Lifeline

Being one of the leading IT service companies serving the Chicago small business community, DP Tech Group completely understands the importance of data protection and recovery strategies. We spend significant time preparing a flawless backup strategy for all business data of our clients.

If you would like to know if your data is really safe and immune to common threats, we’ll just need some inputs from your end and we can provide you with a quick consultation on what’s best for you. You can dial 773-358-1050 and talk to one of our experts in Chicago. Rest assured, all preliminary discussions are non-obligatory.



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