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Internet Marketing through Organic SEO

What is Organic SEO?

Internet Marketing through Organic SEO Consulting

Organic SEO, as the name suggests, is the ‘natural’ way of optimizing a website for search engines. On-page or off-page, search engine optimization in this case is done strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions of search engines.

For example, if search engines favor conversation style content and want online publishers to follow certain standards for meta-tags, URL structure, etc., doing so becomes a part of an organic SEO campaign.

Most Common Organic SEO Methods

There is no universal rulebook for organic SEO methods but yes, based on the experience we’ve had with numerous clients, we can reasonably assert that the following are among the best ones:

  1. Having Short, Neat-and-Clean URLs: Strong URLs (page address) that users find easy to remember and use are the key. Make sure that one of your primary keywords is placed well in every page URL of your website.


  1. Keeping Keyword Density Balanced: It is important to balance target keywords in terms of their total number, repetition, and priority within your content. Over-stuffing of keywords could get you blacklisted on search engines.

Remember, search engines want to be delivering ‘relevant’ results. Anyone trying to bypass that system by using too many keywords is likely to get penalized.

  1. Engaging People through Social Networks: Search engines, especially Google, have a strong affinity for social media interactions. Integrate all social media profiles with your main website and also figure out how to promote your blogs, and web pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  2. Placing ALT Tags and Image Names:Search engines can’t read images, but they surely can read the names or text placed behind them. Obviously, using your primary keywords to name images etc. can be of great help.
  3. Guest Posts and Directory Submissions: Create good content and publish it on high authority websites. Directory submissions too are helpful.

Final Words

Anything ‘natural’ in this world grows at its own pace. So, do not try to speed up results by overdoing anything. Have patience. Combine your organic SEO campaign with PPC if you want to achieve quicker results. But keep in mind that in the long term, its organic SEO done well which is going to help you reap rich dividends.


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