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Content Marketing minus Marketing Does Not Work

Every day, millions of new pages are added to the World Wide Web. So if you are creating good content but not marketing it, you are merely adding to the massive content clutter on the Internet.

It is the Age of ‘Push & Pull’ Marketing

Since huge volumes of content are created on a regular basis on the Internet, the people too have become very picky about what to click on, read, or engage with. So, content marketing minus ‘marketing’ essentially means there would be no internet users reading your blogs & guest posts or viewing your videos on the web.

Gone are the days when you could just create high quality content, expose it a little to the target audience and expect them to stick around. It is the age of ‘push & pull marketing.’ For instance, each infographic, video or blog post needs to be marketed well for search engine and social media traffic. You have to ‘get found’ and also ‘find’ the target audience.

Various Marketing Initiatives that You Can Take

The key focus of a content marketing campaign, whether it is a part of an ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign, should be on growing relationships. This holds true for businesses of all sizes.

While large scale businesses may need to garner industry attention by creating and marketing high value content to establish thought leadership, small businesses must focus on cultivating a permanent audience.

Content marketing SEO


These initiatives can be planned by expert content marketers with hands-on experience in content creation, SEO, SMM, brand management, online reputation management etc.

What Are the Elements of a Content Marketing Campaign?

From social media, PR and SEO to PPC, display advertising and email marketing, your enterprise can create a healthy mix of some or all of these methods to plan and execute a content marketing campaign. These elements are not mutually exclusive. SEO, for instance, may also include creation and distribution of press releases.

Which methods or elements you want to be part of your overall content marketing campaign would depend on the immediate and long term marketing goals. As the campaign progresses, you will notice that one element slowly begins to support the other.

We recommend analyzing the key business goals beforehand.


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