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E-mail Solutions Chicago

E-Mail & Spam Protection

Your business can’t do without emails, can it? It’s a fantastic tool for day to day business communications and for storing large chunks of business critical data.

But, are you prepared to dodge spam, phishing attacks, malware, viruses and other malicious programs? Many SMBs we now serve in Chicago Area weren’t when we first carried out an audit.

Protecting your IT network is no longer an option. It’s an absolute necessity and we can help ensure that email works towards the success of your company instead of adversely affecting your bottom-line.

We Can Help You Deal with Virus & Spam Issues

Staying one step ahead of all those who produce viruses and spam means that your business IT network is well protected by the most advanced solutions (on a budget).

We can put a permanent stop to the ongoing loss of time and money. Virus and spam issues will be a history.

While we offer a comprehensive range of business IT support services in Chicago area, you can also give us a call in case you just wish to have email and spam protection mechanisms in place.

What Our Email Experts Can Do

  • Evaluate the current status of your business email

  • Help you choose a trusted supplier so that you have the latest and most advanced detection & solution application in place

  • Safeguard your business email accounts from spam and malicious programs

  • Take steps necessary to make email search easy and hassle free through indexing

  • Assist in preparing an email safety policy for your business

  • We can deploy both cloud based and (on-premises) hardware based anti-spam & anti-virus solutions for maximum protection

Contact DP Tech Group for a Free Audit

Call us at 630-372-0100 if you’d like to know how protected your business from spam and email risks.


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