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Data Backup Chicago

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Is your business critical data fully secure? Do you think it will successfully survive natural disasters such as an earthquake, fire accident, hurricane, or even a business server crash?

If not, why leave the fate of your business at the mercy of such events that do come around knocking at one point in time or the other!

Its fine to be optimistic but the truth is that loss of data leading to loss of business is real; ‘data’ is one of the most valuable assets of your company and therefore, you should be taking all steps necessary to protect it.

Among all small and medium size businesses operating in Chicago area, from roadside restaurants to service providers with dozens of computer systems, more than half have no reliable backup mechanism in place, let alone having a contingency plan. Are you one of them?

If so, you should talk to one of our business IT experts in Chicago at at the earliest!

Here at DP Tech Group, we provide ‘data backup & disaster recovery’ both as a part of a comprehensive managed IT support package as well as a separate service to SMBs in Chicago area.

Enterprise Class Data Protection & Recovery Service

Data backup and recovery mechanisms configured, maintained and monitored by DP Tech Group ensure that you have no reason whatsoever to be worried about loss of data or its integrity.

  • Your backups are spread out; a single point of failure will have zero impact

  • Changes made to the data are continually recorded; you can roll back at any point in time, should the need arise

  • Backups for speedy and complete recovery are created, scheduled and monitored in tune with the best in class built-in retention policies

  • You need to change your hardware or OS; we will provide you with an all-inclusive backup option

  • Backups can be created on-site, offsite or both; you will have access to related information (including the reports) in real time

  • Double and triple offsite redundancy in backups means that there’s absolutely no chances of data loss

  • Replicate your entire small business serve to the cloud if the need be

  • Top notch encryption and secure data transfer policies are executed

Do Not Risk the Future of Your Business.

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