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What Is Keyword Stuffing and How It Can Hurt Your SEO Efforts

What Is Keyword Stuffing and How It Can Hurt Your SEO Efforts

Back in the day and age when search engines had only started functioning, keyword stuffing was actually a trick repeatedly used by content makers to improve the pull of their online content.

Keyword Stuffing – The Basics

Just as you’d stuff a turkey on thanksgiving, keyword stuffing means the stuffing of your online content with keywords.

For instance, if you are selling chairs in Houston, you can try using keywords such as ‘buy chairs in Houston’ dozens of times in each one of your page, with hopes of ‘getting found’ by the target audience on search engines.

SEO keyword stuffing

You may also try colouring over the stuffed keywords to make them invisible to readers but visible to search engine crawlers.

Does it Work?

No. Not anymore.

It worked back in the infant years of the search engines. Many people got rich. But, those days are long gone now. Search engines are way too smart to be tricked by tactics such as stuffing web pages with too many keywords.

The bane of SEO

What is the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of search engines?

The USP is ‘relevant and accurate results’ for search queries! If they fail to provide that, even giants like Google can be out of business.

So if someone is using keyword-stuffing for SEO, do you not think it indirectly means trying to hurt a search engine’s USP? Well, that’s exactly what it means. And search engines don’t like it. They just blacklist websites that try such methods to improve page rank.


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