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Google Penguin Updates – 4 Ways to be Safe

Google has been cracking on websites that were spamming. Penguin update, first released on April 24th 2012, was a step taken in this very direction. Its fundamental goal was and has been to deal with web spam. Any website not following Google’s standard guidelines or using unethical techniques for manipulating rankings is likely to be penalized by Penguin update.

Just because you have not come under the scanner as yet, does not imply that you are completely safe. If you don’t want your website to lose its ranking due to Google Penguin updates, read on.

1. Use the Special Media Spectrum to the Fullest Instead of Spamming the Web

Every time you post fresh content, ensure that it is shared extensively over all social media pages. Install the plug-ins and use the tools that can make this process automated.

A common mistake that many companies make that they care little about sharing new content on popular social media networks such as Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

This is a much better approach than dropping links on low quality forums and online communities.

You can also focus on blog commenting for generating quality backlinks but make sure not to spam websites. You will need to patiently read through articles on the web before dropping a comment that somehow adds value to the page.

2. Provide Links to Inner Pages and the Home Page

A rookie error that inexperienced SEO professionals make is that of linking the homepage with all the links. If done repeatedly, Google might raise a red flag and object in ways it deems fit.

Devise a navigational structure that’s suitable for your target readers. Do not try to post all links at one place, all over the website.

3. Introduce Diversification in Anchor Texts

What irks Google Penguin the most are websites that indulge in over-optimization. If your site is targeting a keyword and asking all your partners to link to it too you are bound to attract the wrath of Google Penguin.

It is now time to start using more natural and diversified anchor texts for your backlinks.

4. Lay Stress on Quality Instead Of Quantity

The stress on quality should be a top priority now. Instead of, let’s say, getting a dozen backlinks from poor quality guest post websites or forums, focus on getting just one backlink from a high authority website.

Few Words of Advice

Stop looking for quick-fixes. Search Engine Optimization nowadays should be done with great care. Use no shortcuts and focus on creating value, day after day.


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