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Google Panda Updates – 7 Ways to be Safe

The furious panda is here to kick websites that appear to have ‘thin’ or low quality pages. Since February 2011, when it was first launched, Google Panda has penalized thousands of websites on the Internet.

SEO Google Panda Updates 7 Ways to be Safe


Listed below are the top 7 ways to save your website from the wrath of Google Panda:

1. No Exceptions for Duplicate Content

It’s convenient (and tempting) to copy good content from other websites but remember, Google Panda is watching everything.

2. Create Unique and Original Content

While tools like Copyscape can help you determine if your content is technically unique, only a human reader can perhaps rightly judge if content is really useful.

Focus on creating practically useful, relevant and interesting content on a regular basis. Even if you manage to trick Google Panda with unique but poor quality content at first, it will sure nab your website by the neck in future.

3. More content per page for on-page SEO

Gone are the days when you could publish 100 words or less on a page and still optimize it for search engines. For better placement on search engines, make it a point to increase the content on pages to at least 300-500 words.

4. Is there low quality content on some pages on your website?

It is possible that you already have dozens or hundreds of pages on your website with low quality content. It is advisable to block indexing & crawling of all such pages. Do it as soon as possible.

5. Create content that other websites would want to link

Focus on creating less but useful content. Be it videos, infographics, blog posts or illustrations, good content can get backlinks from high authority websites.

6. Avoid keyword stuffing

One of the best ways for Google to learn if you are trying to manipulate its algorithms is to analyze the keyword density on your website’s pages.

While you cannot completely negate the need to keyword-optimize various pages on the website, you need to keep in mind that keyword optimization shouldn’t look unnatural in any case.

7. Keep track of new Google Panda updates

New updates are rolled out every few months by Google. When such updates come around, it is advisable to check expert articles on ‘what’s new in an update’ or how you should alter your SEO strategy for better results.


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