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VoIP Phone System Feature – Direct Inward System Access DISA

Direct Inward System Access (DISA)

The DISA is an advanced feature for mobile and smartphone users; it allows them to get connected to the PBX system even from an external connection. The user is able to log into the system and check his messages, voicemails and also connect internally by dialing the office extensions.

This is a three step process. User first calls the pilot number of the company. He is then prompted to dial a code that activates this feature. Lastly, a PIN is fed in which is only assigned to him. The user now has full access to the telephonic system, its features and extensions.

The DISA also has two other major benefits. When an employee uses the office extension to call a client, his mobile number stays private and on the client’s phone, only the business number is displayed. Secondly, the employee can avoid paying huge mobile bills for making calls to clients; the office will be billed and not his personal connection as long as it is DISA enabled.


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