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Outsourcing Data management Services – Frequently Asked Questions

Please check out the list of the most common questions that businesses have about our data management services. In case your question has not been answered below, you can always give us a call or drop us a line.

What is the Turn Around Time (TAT) for Data Management Services including Data Entry?
Besides our strong commitment to quality and transparency, its faster turnaround time for all types of data management projects, including data entry, data analysis, data mining, data conversion, etc., that differentiates us from the competition. Exact TAT will depend upon the type of data management project, volume and level complexity involved in completing it. But each time you choose DP Tech Group, our teams will surpass your turn around time expectations. TAT can be 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours or more.
What kind of agreements do you sign to keep my data secure?
We sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement), SLA (service level agreement) and confidentiality agreements with all clients who entrust us with their data while outsourcing data management projects. These agreements are signed to make sure your data has legal protection. Agreements are signed at the onset of every project once you are satisfied with the trial.
What steps do you take at your premises to keep my data safe?
We at DP Tech Group, never ignore client data security and confidentiality. To ensure the highest level of data security, we undertake the following steps at premises where our teams work on your data management projects:
  • No external drives can be used by any employee at our overseas locations; no personal devices including PDAs, tablets, laptops, etc. are allowed inside our premises where data management projects are being handled
  • At all premises where our offshore data management teams work, print-permissions have been restricted and are monitored on a daily basis
  • Digital and physical methods in place for detecting any breach of security are in place
  • All workstations are updated by experienced system administrators on a weekly basis; advanced network security firewalls are also in place
  • Security personnel guard our premises round the clock to preempt the possibility of thefts
  • All data transfers (both way) are encrypted; only the intended recipient of a data transfer can read the data
Is it necessary to send documents/files etc. to you for a data management project?
No, it is not always necessary. For instance, our data analysis team can work on your project through remote log-in. However, it is not always feasible or cost-effective.
Is there a quality assurance process in place?
Yes, we at DP Tech Group, have tried and tested quality assurance processes in place. These processes are reviewed from time to time by the senior management. Project managers ensure complete compliance with all quality assurance processes, even if the Turn Around Time (TAT) is just six hours.
Do you provide data entry services in English only?
We have data entry teams specializing in English, Spanish, French and German. For client communications, our client relationship managers or account managers are well-versed in the English language.
What are your overseas data management team’s working hours?
Our work timings are from Monday ………… to Saturday ………….
On some occasions, if the situation demands, our teams also work on Sundays or work for extended hours on week-days. The information regarding such changes is passed on to the client well in advance.
Is there a free trial for your services?
Yes, of course. For all our data management related services including data entry, we offer a free trial to all our clients to allay any doubts about the commitment to quality, speed of delivery and communication. You can ask for a free trial of our overseas data entry services, for instance, even before you sign on the dotted line.
How do we send you the files/documents?
We will provide you with a secure FTP uplink for uploading all files and documents. You will be provided with a login/password combination as well as the path where you can upload documents. Bandwidth is never a problem at our end.
Files can also be sent through a secure web-based application or as an email attachment.
FTP uplink works best in case the volume is high. Email attachments are suitable for small data entry jobs.
How is the output or the completed work sent to me?
Once a data processing, conversion or data entry project is complete (whether in few hours, a day or few days), it is sent to you in either of the following four ways:
  • All files uploaded on a secure FTP server; after secure login, you can download the completed work with ease.
  • Files sent as email attachments (suitable for smaller projects only).
  • Files uploaded to your custom web application or a third party secure application (web based)
  • Hard copies, once scanned, the final output is sent to you either through courier or digitally
What are your areas of expertise?
With several teams skilled in different data management services, we can vouch for quality, speed and cost-effectiveness in following areas:
  • Data entry services
  • Data conversion/processing/analysis services
  • Image scanning/indexing/tagging/resizing/thumbnail-generation/editing
  • ecommerce descriptions
  • Data capture and cleansing
  • And many more
For any other queries, please call us at 630-372-0100. We’re here to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about our data management services.

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  • Protected by US Laws
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