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We deliver reliable and affordable IT solutions for the Small Business Community.

Outsource Web Development, Hire Remote Specialists

With the advent of the Internet and advanced Information Technology solutions, the world today is flatter than ever. It is possible to achieve cost efficiencies by outsourcing web development tasks to destinations such as India without having to compromise on quality or speed. Put simply, you can achieve more with less.
If you are on the lookout for talented programmer(s) with proven, hands-on experience in web development, we can help. Our work-ready web developers in India work for you just like your in-house employees.

Dedicated Web Developers Available for Hire
Be it PHP, C++, .NET, Python, JavaScript, Node JS or ROR, we at DP Tech Group can provide you with a team of dedicated programmers and developers at cost effective prices. You do not have to engage different companies for various requirements that continue to change from time to time.
When you outsource a web development project to our team in India, be assured of the fact that every resource devoted to the job at hand, has had ample international exposure. Also, each one of the web developers is screened well before onboarding by our domain specialists with experience in different technology verticals.
  • Hire web developers who work dedicatedly for you
  • Hire a dedicated employee; hire a team on a project basis or hire on demand
  • Quick access to some of the finest programmers in India
  • Previous experience in handling 100+ international web development projects
  • You can interview a developer before final selection
  • Hire a web development team in India that works from a single office
  • Save up to 30% in web development costs
Outsourcing Web Development: Hire a Team or Dedicated Employee
Outsourcing your web development tasks to a skilled team in India means that you can focus on your core business. Even if you operate in the IT industry, you can scale more easily when you have plenty of skilled resources at your disposal. With us, you will be well positioned to utilize the growth by outsourcing web development projects to an experienced team or a dedicated employee in India.
If lack of skilled web development resources is hampering your business growth or you want save more, you should consider outsourcing your web development requirements to an experienced team in India. You can reach us at 630-372-0100 for a non-obligatory discussion on how outsourcing to India can help you complete a web development project in less time and with a lower budget while keeping a strong focus on quality.
Hire a Web Developer in India
Hire an experienced web developer who can work on your ongoing requirements concerning frontend or backend development tasks. A dedicated web developer can work independently or with a team, on various requirements such as website backend coding, Ajax development, HTML development and J2EE/ASP.NET/ASP programming.
Hire a CMS Developer in India
Hire specialist CMS developers who can configure and customize a Content Management System as per your requirements. We have experienced CMS developers onboard with years of experience in different CMSes such as WordPress, Drupal, Zoomla and ExpressEngine.
Hire a Software Developer in India
Hire dedicated software developers who can write software from scratch or customize an existing chunk of code for you. Our software developers can handle custom application development projects based on various programming languages including Java, .NET, VB.NET, Python and Flex.
Hire a Software Tester in India
Hire one or more software testers who can handle White-box/Black-box testing and Automated/Manual software testing for various projects. How well an application has been tested can be critical to the success of your project. Hire the best!
Hire a Database Administrator in India
Hire an expert DBA with exposure to complex requirements and experience in different areas such as installation, configuration, administration, monitoring and data migration. Our Database Administrators can work with systems such as DBMS, RDMS, Multidimensional DBMS and Object Oriented DBMS.
Hire an Ecommerce Developer in India
Hire an Ecommerce solution specialist with an understanding of marketing, SSL certificates, user behavior and custom features. With a robust ecommerce solution in place, you stand to gain more clients or register more sales.

Qualified Talent at Fraction of the Cost

1 Phone Number to Call, That's all.

Benefits of Outsourcing to DP Tech Group:
  • US Based Business
  • Established in 2003 in State of Illinois
  • US Based Project Management & Support
  • Technology and Security Experts
  • Never struggle to hire qualified talent again
  • Secure offshore offices in India
  • Save Operational Costs (40% - 60%)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Protected by US Laws
We specialize in helping the small business community outsource back-office operations. Fill out our form to see how we can help you save time, money and resources so you can concentrate on core business operations.

Call DP Tech Group for all your Business Outsourcing needs. 630-372-0100

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