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Outsource Real Estate Accounts Receivable Service to Experts

Do you have multiple property units within a single portfolio? Is your real estate development firm growing in size and dealing with an increasing number of customers now? If that is the case, it may become difficult for your in-house accountants to manage accounts receivable processes which will ultimately impact the cash flow.
To ensure that payment collections are done smoothly and the cash flow remains healthy, you can outsource real estate accounts receivable service to a dedicated service provider like DP Tech Group. With well-defined processes, advanced software and professional account receivable experts onboard, DP Tech Group can help speed up payment recoveries, achieve faster invoice processing, and improve collection rates by bringing in standardization in accounts receivable processes at many levels. All of this will directly or indirectly result in increased cash flow in your real estate business.

Real Estate Accounts Receivable Services that We Offer
  • Real Estate AR Reporting for the Finance Executives
    • Create monthly property control reports based on cash and collections
    • Create variance reports based on monthly budget compared against operating results
    • Create monthly reports based on metrics and available data such as assets & liabilities of a property, tenant information and general business ledger account
    • Maintain periodic depreciation and amortization schedules as per client’s ask
  • Real Estate Accounts Receivable Management
    • Monitor security deposits given by tenants
    • Manage tenant move-in, move-out or renewal
    • Analyze & process monthly rental payments
    • Email or phone call follow-up for payment recovery
    • Match payment received in cash against customer checks or invoices issued
  • Tenant Receivable Management
    • Utilize leasing software for configuring billing parameters, late payment fees, etc.
    • Ongoing monthly rental payment processing including collections
    • Template based communication with tenants in the event of delinquencies
    • Maintain tenant records including bills backs, utility consumption, etc.
    • Generate reports for tenant move-in, move-out or renewal
    • Maintain and analyze tenant ledger for detection and resolution of errors
Besides these, our accounts receivable service also includes marketing activities and budgeting support and analysis. Having been in the industry for mover than a decade now, we’ve fine-tuned minute details of the account receivable process for real estate players.
Tools that Our Accounts Receivable Experts Use to Quickly Convert Receivables into Revenue
  • QuickBooks
  • MYOB
  • Sage
  • Fundbox
  • Accounting XPert
  • CheckMark
  • PaidYET
  • WorkflowAR
  • MultiLedger
How Does a Real Estate Firm Benefit By Outsourcing Accounts Receivable to DP Tech Group?
Having been in the industry for over 10 years now, DP Tech Group is in a position to offer highly professional and accurate real estate accounts receivable service with fast turnaround time today. We are among the leading firms that never compromise on quality yet offer services at an unbeatable price. There’s not but many reasons why real estate firms outsource accounts receivable service to DP Tech Group. Here, we list some of the key reasons:

  • Flexibility in Service Delivery: Depending upon your unique needs and future goals, our accounts receivable services are infinitely customizable. You only pay for what you need and not the entire package.
  • Accuracy in Billing: Our accountants adhere to ISO guidelines and are well-versed with all applicable regulations in popular real estate markets around the globe. With us, you can expect a high level of billing accuracy, every time.
  • Turnaround Time: We are known for providing prompt services. Our professional accountants will convert receivables into revenue by effectively managing cash flow. You can be assured that a real estate project’s timelines won’t be affected due to delays in account receivables once you outsource the service to our overseas team.
  • Affordable Services: Whether you represent a midsized real estate company that’s concerned about mounting operating costs or a large scale enterprise looking at optimizing your in-house operations for some long term savings, you can count on our affordable accounts receivable service.
  • Improved Cash Flow: With minimal delinquencies and faster payment recoveries, your real estate business will achieve improved cash flow within weeks if not months.
  • Professional Reports: The management at your company will have at its disposal accurate and detailed accounts receivable reports on a regular basis. So, making it’d be possible to take necessary actions for managing cash flow in a timely manner.
Call 630-372-0100 to know more about our accounts receivable service for the real estate companies. We offer a free consultation in the beginning and answer any queries or concerns that you may have about outsourcing real estate account process or how DP Tech Group can be the right fit for your requirements.

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Benefits of Outsourcing to DP Tech Group:
  • US Based Business
  • Established in 2003 in State of Illinois
  • US Based Project Management & Support
  • Technology and Security Experts
  • Never struggle to hire qualified talent again
  • Secure offshore offices in India
  • Save Operational Costs (40% - 60%)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Protected by US Laws
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