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Outsource Manual Journal Entry Service to Specialists

Managing journals is a critical activity that no smart business owner should ever ignore. It gives an indication of the current state of a business organization. But, manual journal entry is a tedious task; on many occasions, errors and inconsistencies creep in, leaving you in a dilemma about the current value, which further leads to a delay in decision making.
Is your organization on the lookout for a team of specialists that can handle manual journal entries? Do you want to avoid the hassle of hiring an in-house accountant and manager for manual journal entries and the administrative costs that come with such hires? You may want to consider outsourcing manual journal entry service to a team of specialists overseas. This way, you will not only get manual journal entry done on a budget but you also benefit from the vast accounting & bookkeeping experience of a company such as DP Tech Group.

What is Manual Journal Entry?
A “journal entry” refers to an entry of a business transaction, made in a “journal”
A “manual journal entry,” is recorded in a business organization’s general ledger. Such an entry comprises of the correct date of transaction, the amount transacted, the account that is to be debited/credited, a brief description or transaction memo and an identifier or a reference number (in many cases a check no.).
All such journalized amounts need to be entered in the general ledger of a business organization in the last stage.
Manual Journal Entry Service Professionals at DP Tech Group
At different stages, manual journal entry requires deployment of different specialists. This is also one of the reasons why outsourcing manual journal entry service to DP Tech Group makes perfect sense for all growing businesses that do not want to get entangled in such tedious non-core activities.
At DP Tech Group, we engage a General Ledger Accounting Expert at the first stage. Such an expert will enter journal entry transaction into your company’s general ledger and approve all types of journal entries made. It is general ledger accounting expert’s responsibility to make sure that all standard accounting procedures have been followed in the process.
In the next stage, a General Ledger Accounting Manager checks if all journal entries have been made. His/her task is to ensure all records from journal entries have been updated in the general ledger.
General ledger accountants and administrative staff members are also engaged at various stages for smooth delivery of outsourced manual journal entry service to our clients.
Choose DP Tech Group as Your Manual Journal Entry Service Provider
If you understand the importance of error-free manual journal entry services, look no further than DP Tech Group. Your managers and other executives in the finance or accounts department will have peace of mind in knowledge that the tedious and time consuming task of manual journal entry is looked after by a team at DP Tech Group that has relevant experience and proven expertise both. Our teams can be hired part-time, full-time or on-demand when you require manual journal entry services.
Advantages of Outsourcing Manual Journal Entry Services
  • Accuracy is ensured at all stages
  • Only experts with previous experience will work on manual journal entry
  • You need not hire an expensive resource
  • You save on administrative costs
  • You save on manual journal entry service cost by outsourcing it overseas (up to 30%)
  • Identification of problem areas
  • Smooth integration with your business’s finance or accounts department
  • Fast turnaround time
Call us today at 630-372-0100 and speak with an expert having prior experience in manual journal entry services. Whether you are just bootstrapping or run an established business, we are here to answer any questions that may have about DP Tech Group’s manual journal entry service.

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