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Outsource Data Management Requirements Overseas; Hire Remote Workers

Data is among the most vital assets of any modern day enterprise. Businesses that do not understand the fundamental importance of data management run the risk of losing crucial information. Such businesses also fail to avail data driven insights or efficiencies that could prove beneficial in many ways. If the data is managed professionally throughout its lifecycle, and is complete, precise, consistent and usable, it will sure go a long way in helping the organization achieve higher growth rates.

Do You Require Professional Data Management?
Whether you are looking for data entry, data conversion, data processing, data mining, data analytics or online catalog services, we at DP Tech Group can help. We’ve onboard an offshore team of professionals with years’ of experience in various data management services. Our data entry operators and other professionals also have the relevant international exposure.
Our data management team adapts quickly to your line of business and starts delivering error-proof output in a very short span of time. However, we do take all the time necessary to first understand your exact requirements. We offer complete transparency and an option to customize our service packs for each one of our clients. You could be a small business, a medium scale growing enterprise or a firm with offices in multiple countries – at DP Tech Group – we follow international service benchmarks for each data management job, no matter how big or small.
World Class Data Entry Process Followed By Our Overseas Team
With highly skilled data entry operators and support teams, experienced in use of the most advanced data entry tools, rapid scanners, ICR/OCR and state-of-the-art infrastructure, DP Tech Group’s overseas data management services division can achieve an accuracy level of 99.9%! Yes, that’s correct!
We continually upgrade our infrastructure, train our resources to keep up with evolving industry requirements and diligently follow international Quality Assurance processes. That’s precisely the reason why we receive referral business from our clients on a regular basis.
Here’s our reliable, fast and efficient data management process:
  1. Gather data inputs from you via FTP, email, FAX, VPN transfer, courier or a web based application
  2. Data format as scanned pictures, physical copies of documents, PDF/Word/XML or an online source
  3. Our data entry operators overseas download/gather the data and start sorting and classification followed by allocation
  4. Data entry begins; there is an instruction sheet for each batch of documents being processed; two professionals from our offshore team perform the same data entry job which are later compared to ensure maximum accuracy
  5. Data is thoroughly checked for quality, accuracy and consistency
  6. The final output is sent to the client via FTP, VPN, email, FAX, courier or through a web based application
Why Companies Choose DP Tech Group for Data Management
  • Error-free final output in a format of client’s choice
  • You get a dedicated team of overseas data management specialists working on your project
  • You can hire a team for one project, hire on demand or hire a dedicated employee
  • 24 hour turnaround for a batch
  • Up to 99.9% accuracy in data
  • Support multiple industries
  • Support for multiple data formats
  • Save up to 30% in costs with an overseas data entry team
  • FTP servers available for fast data transfer
  • VPN available for secure data transfer
  • Complete transparency in processes
  • English speaking team managers for hassle-free communication
Call us today at 630-372-0100 to outsource your data management services and achieve substantial cost-savings from day one. All preliminary discussions concerning your data management requirement, queries regarding the processes we follow and the SLAs we sign to guarantee error free output are non-obligatory. We are here to answer any questions that you may have about outsourcing data management overseas to a professional team. Rest assured, with DP Tech Group, you can always expect a faster turnaround time, high quality of service, complete transparency and hassle-free communication.
Hire a Data Entry Operator
Hire a dedicated data entry operator overseas with DP Tech Group who can efficiently handle data conversion, processing & keyboarding. You can get a job completed in less time and on budget. Rest assured, each data management professional in our offshore team has first-hand experience in working with the latest tools and various data formats.

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