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Outsource Data Analytics; Hire a Dedicated Team Remotely

Gone are the days when someone could open a storefront, have a few dozen items on display and expect customers to start showing up the very next day, ready to buy. This strategy hardly works now, except for small businesses who fulfill a unique need at a specific location and others who own prime real estate.
If your business is driven by services’/products’ unique selling position (USP), skills of your employees, marketing strategies, brand reputation, business tie-ups, supply chain network and online presence, you must make intelligent business decisions on a regular basis. These decisions ought to be backed by insights and if your operations are partially or completely digitized, what better way to draw informed conclusions than having your business data analyzed by a team of specialists? Our data analytics service can help you with exactly that.

Avoid Guesswork; Hire DP Tech Group’s Data Analytics Team Overseas

When you outsource data analytics to DP Tech Group, you can save your business from the perils of guesswork and rely on information-backed, intelligent business decisions. Our data analytics team overseas will inspect, clean, modify and model all of your old and new business data so that it is easy to draw out useful information, now and in future.
Listed below are some reasons why you should consider outsourcing your data analytics requirements to DP Tech Group:

  • Skilled data analytics specialists with competency in the field and proficiency in English language
  • Hire a part time data analytics team, hire on demand or hire a full time data analytics employee with proven expertise in qualitative/statistical data analysis
  • Save up to 30% by outsourcing data analytics to our professional teams overseas; all professionals have previous experience in working with international clients
  • Need not spend money on buying expensive hardware or software licenses
  • No time delays; with a turnaround time of less than a day for some jobs, you will be able to make crucial business decisions without having to wait endlessly
  • Professional data administration support available; gain full control of all your data resources
  • We sign NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) before beginning work on a data analytics project; your business data, therefore, remains completely secure and confidential
  • Big Data Analytics professionals also available (in case you’ve huge chunks of data that needs to be analyzed)

Which Industries Can Benefit the Most by Outsourcing Data Analytics?

A large number of data-driven industries can benefit from well-modeled business data that can be analyzed with ease but four main industries are listed below:
Banking and Finance: Our data analytics professionals overseas can help banking and financial sector players with:

  • Segment prospective customers and acquire new customers
  • Retain existing customers and devise recovery campaigns
  • Come up with cross-selling strategies that are more likely to work
  • Detect fraud in early stages to avoid losses later
Insurance: Our data analytics teams can assist you with predictive modeling in the insurance sector by quickly and effectively analyze all available claims data such as:

  • How severe an insurance claim really is
  • Where the chances of legal conflicts are highest
  • Subrogation Analysis
  • Where the chances of fraud are on a higher side
Retail: Improvise your sales, marketing and branding strategies with data driven intelligence generated by our data analytics teams. A data analytics team overseas can assist you with:

  • Analysis of sales
  • Perform a lifetime value analysis
  • Check how effective a campaign has been
  • Analyze stock, niche trends, etc
  • Check how branding efforts are performing
Telecom: Achieve more with less by outsourcing telecom industry data analytics to our skilled teams overseas. We can help with:

  • Customer segmentation, acquisition and retention
  • Devising cross-selling or up-selling strategies
  • Credit risk management for minimizing potential losses
  • Customer affinity analysis

Make a Decision Now to Make Intelligent Business Decisions Later

If your organization operates in a data-rich industry such as insurance, mortgage, finance, market research, marketing, lead generation, telecom, healthcare, banking, etc., you can benefit a great deal from our expertise in data administration, data intelligence, data management and data analysis services.
Call us today at 630-372-0100 and speak with a data analytics expert who will explain how DP Tech Group can handle all of your data analytics outsourcing requirements in entirety.
We’ve multiple teams of skilled professionals, latest data analytics software, advanced tools, and state-of-the-art technology infrastructure in place; extract the most useful information from your data bank in less than a day!
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Qualified Talent at Fraction of the Cost

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Benefits of Outsourcing to DP Tech Group:
  • US Based Business
  • Established in 2003 in State of Illinois
  • US Based Project Management & Support
  • Technology and Security Experts
  • Never struggle to hire qualified talent again
  • Secure offshore offices in India
  • Save Operational Costs (40% - 60%)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Protected by US Laws
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