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Outsource Bookkeeping Service to Experts at Lesser Cost

Cornerstone of a growing business entity, bookkeeping done professionally can help reduce finance & accounting costs in the long run. It is important for businesses of all sizes! Bookkeeping can help achieve numerous goals for a business through better financial analysis & management, timely and accurate fulfillment of tax obligations, financial reporting and record keeping as per the applicable laws and regulations. But, a CFO (Chief Finance Officer) at an SME cannot get involved in day-to-day bookkeeping tasks at the expense of other, more important financial matters and a large scale company cannot always afford to hire a team of full-time bookkeepers for various reasons including extra administrative cost, availability of resources and the need to undertake recruitment, training, etc. This is where DP Tech Group with vast experience in handling bookkeeping for businesses of all sizes can help.
When you outsource bookkeeping services to DP Tech Group, we function like your virtual back office that handles all your accounting and bookkeeping work. From initial setup and day to day bookkeeping work to consultancy from experts, round the clock support and periodical bookkeeping operations, we take care of all related finance functions so that you never have to worry about anything.

Bookkeeping Services on Offer at DP Tech Group

  • Accounts receivable Service
  • Accounts payable service
  • Invoice Processing service
  • Account reconciliation service
  • Small business accounting service
  • Midsized business accounting service
  • Manual journal entry service
  • Cash flow statements
  • Transaction logging
  • Profit and loss income statements
  • General ledger and expense ledger maintenance
  • Balance sheet services
  • Daily bookkeeping service
  • Tax return preparation and filing
  • Sales report preparation
  • Financial report preparation (including accounts payable and receivable)
  • Tax consultation
  • Budgeting and forecasting

Protect Your Business and Reputation

Regardless of which bookkeeping software you want to use, our skilled workforce will adapt to it. We already have first-hand experience in working with the following:

  • QuickBooks (All Editions)
  • Quicken
  • NetSuite
  • MYOB
  • SAGE
  • Business Works and Business Vision
  • Intuit Pro
  • Peachtree
  • Master Builder
  • Creative Solutions Accounting

In-House Bookkeeping Vs DP Tech Group’s Outsourced Bookkeeping

  • Our bookkeeping service includes 24×7 support while an in-house bookkeeper will only work during the office hours
  • Compared to in-house bookkeeping, outsourcing this service to DP Tech Group will save you at least 40% every month
  • There are no administrative cost overheads (floor space, workstations, Internet, recruitment, training, skill upgradation, etc.) in case of outsourced bookkeeping service
  • Our bookkeepers can ensure a really good turnaround time (which can be as low as 24 hours for a given task); in-house bookkeepers can never match the speed

In-House Bookkeeping Vs DP Tech Group’s Outsourced Bookkeeping

Our bookkeeping services are reasonably priced; we keep a strong focus on accuracy and our bookkeepers are experts at various bookkeeping standards including double-entry bookkeeping. With us, you can world-class bookkeeping services, round the clock.
We offer a preliminary, non-obligatory consultation to businesses interested in knowing about our bookkeeping service. So, feel free to call us at 630-372-0100 and speak with an expert, with experience in handling bookkeeping service delivery for international clients. We will learn about your business and suggest ways to streamline your accounting and bookkeeping processes.

Qualified Talent at Fraction of the Cost

1 Phone Number to Call, That's all.

Benefits of Outsourcing to DP Tech Group:
  • US Based Business
  • Established in 2003 in State of Illinois
  • US Based Project Management & Support
  • Technology and Security Experts
  • Never struggle to hire qualified talent again
  • Secure offshore offices in India
  • Save Operational Costs (40% - 60%)
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Protected by US Laws
We specialize in helping the small business community outsource back-office operations. Fill out our form to see how we can help you save time, money and resources so you can concentrate on core business operations.

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