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Outsource Accounts Reconciliation Service Overseas

A common pain area for most business organizations, whether SMEs or MNCs, accounts reconciliation is an extremely important process which on a fundamental level involves verification of matching funds actually spent against the funds reflected in the company’s books of accounts. We at DP Tech Group understand how important it is for your business organization to maintain 100% accuracy in account books and tallying them with customer/supplier accounts.
Our specialist service can help you detect or prevent financial frauds. At times, our accounts reconciliation experts can also save your business from costly legal hurdles. We will reconcile the final balance after having verified the accuracy of all transactions (incoming and outgoing payments), invoices, sales orders, vouchers, etc.; in the process, we also identify accounting errors (whether intentional or inadvertent) and anomalies that require corrections.

How Accounting Reconciliation Can Help Improve Your Business’s Bottom-line?

  • Remove Accounting Errors: One good way to eliminate accounting errors is to perform accounting reconciliation on a monthly/quarterly basis. This way, bookkeeping can be fine-tuned with bank statements. Inaccuracies can creep in at either of the two ends.
  • No Unpleasant Surprises: What if a vendor is paid in cheque and that cheque has not been cashed for several months? Would you even remember it? When you have a part-time or full time professional doing accounts reconciliation, such transactions are always tracked.
  • Correct Business Deposits: Human errors can often result in deposit errors at the financial institution that you work with. What if one of your current accounts is short of cash on at a time when you need to make an urgent payment? It can lead to loss of reputation and worse still – invite legal troubles if the cheque bounces. Monthly accounts reconciliation can help you avoid such scenarios.
  • Save Money: You may not be aware of many hidden expenses that in the long run can add up to a huge sum. When reconciling accounts, such hidden fees get highlighted.
Accounts Reconciliation – Outsourcing Options
  1. Full Reconciliation
  2. Partial Reconciliation
  3. Deposit Reconciliation
A conventional spreadsheet approach won’t cut it.
Fitting and efficient solutions
Full Reconciliation – We can do the account reconciliation for you. You provide us with the list of checks you’ve issued for the reconciliation period; we match the paid items and provide the following account reconciliation reports:

  • Outstanding issues – checks that have not been paid.
  • Exceptions – paid checks that differ from their related issues
  • Paid matched items – checks that cleared successfully without any exceptions
Partial Reconciliation – Need a statement cycle other than month-end? This service provides a report/statement for a customized or month end reconciliation cycle. You will receive an Account Balance Summary and Statement of Activity report for each statement cycle.
Deposit Reconciliation – Have multiple locations? Deposit Reconciliation enables multiple locations to deposit into a single account. A unique code for each location is printed on the deposit tickets and captured when the deposits are processed. At the end of the statement cycle, you will receive Activity by Location reports.

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Benefits of Outsourcing to DP Tech Group:
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  • Never struggle to hire qualified talent again
  • Secure offshore offices in India
  • Save Operational Costs (40% - 60%)
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  • Protected by US Laws
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