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  1. Log into your Microsoft Office 365 365 1 login in web
  2. From the upper left corner, click on App Launcher and then select “OneNote”.office 365 2 choose admin app
  3. Now, OneNote window will appear on your screen. Select page you in which you want to copy/paste content from any 365 3 copy paste
  4. Go to the site and copy the content with images if you 365 4 copy content
  5. Now, go to the OneNote online web page and paste the selected 365 5 paste content
  6. If you see incorrect words with red underline below any word(s), you can correct spellings and grammar check. Select “Home” and click on “Spelling”.office 365 6 check spelling
  7. Your whole document is scanned for spelling mistakes and occurrence of misspelled word is selected and suggestions are prompted. Now you can select proper 365 7 correct word
  8. Now, you can see correct words in your 365 8 correction complete
  9. If you want to delete page, Right click on the page and choose delete 365 9 delete page
  10. Click on yes button, when following image display on your 365 10 delete content page


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