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How to add an External contact to office 365

As an Outlook Admin of the organization you come across need to add an external contact in the company’s contact list. To add an external contact to your office’s contact list, all you need is the contact’s basic information like Name, Email etc.

  1. Log into Office 365 Admin Center, by using the “Admin” credentials.
    Office 365 1 logiin screen
  2. Click on “App launcher” on the top left and select “Admin”.
    Office 365 2 logiin screen
  3. We get a screen, similar to the screenshot below:
    Office 365 3 logiin screen
  4. In the Admin center, expand “ADMIN” and then select “Exchange”.
    Office 365 4 logiin screen
  5. In the “Exchange admin center”, select the “recipients” option and then click on “contacts”. Click on “+” to add contact.Office 365 5 logiin screen
  6. Then fill all the required information like First name, Last name, Display name and the “External email address”. Click on “Save” to close the dialog box and exit.Office 365 6 logiin screen
  7. This way, we can add an external contact to our Office’s contacts list.Office 365 7 logiin screen
  8. To create a distribution group. Click on “Groups” and select “Set up distribution list…”.Office 365 8 logiin screen
  9. Click “+” icon to add a distribution group.Office 365 9 logiin screen
  10. Add all required information and then “Save” to close the dialog box. You can also manage the communication to and from the group i.e. Outsiders can send message to the group or not.Office 365 10 logiin screen Office 365 11 login screen
  11. To add users in the distribution group, click on “Edit Members and Admins”.Office 365 12 logiin screen
  12. Add members.Office 365 15 logiin screen Office 365 14 logiin screen Office 365 13 logiin screenIn this way we can add external members in distribution group.


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