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Your Trusted IT Support Partner Since 2003

We deliver reliable and affordable IT solutions for the Small Business Community.

What Makes a Great IT Support Service?

There are good IT support service providers and then, there are companies that give wings to your business.

DP Tech Group has been offering IT support services in Chicago for over a decade now. We were around when only a handful of smart & tech savvy entrepreneurs in the Chicago small business community really understood the importance of information technology. Over this time, we as well as our clients have grown in both size and capacity in our respective niches.

Today, DP Tech Group is counted among the best IT services in Chicago region. This reputation was not earned overnight and we certainly did not know everything when we first set out on this path in 2004. Technologies changed, dynamics of businesses changed, disruptions in technological arena became frequent and we as a team continued to grow as professionals.

We continued to traverse the ever expanding learning curve all these years but some key areas that we really focused on made a big difference.

High Availability Support Services; Very Low Response Time

This has to be amongst the most important factors while judging an IT support service provider. We are fortunate to have sincere and dedicated professionals onboard who have successfully carried forward our philosophy of ‘deliver the fastest possible support, always.’

Immediate responses from our team members ensured that our clients never suffered any losses due to IT related problems. The clients in turn, signed up with us year after year and also recommended our services to others.

People that Clients Can Count On

A service is to be provided by people. If there are no good professionals, willing to devote their time and expertise to do the needful, a service provider can hardly manage to satisfy a client for even a week.

Here at DP Tech Group, we made sure that our team only inducted the best. We were always on the lookout for people who were keen to help.

Preventive Measures

We have also tried to achieve a low downtime and high uptime ratio. A preventive maintenance strategy ensures that there would be fewer issues to deal with on a daily basis. It also meant that the client would have to pay less on a regular basis and we in turn, would be able to help it achieve greater productivity levels.

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