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IT Support – How to Format Drive in Window 8

With the Formatting option, you can clear all the data saved in a drive. Here are quick steps to formatting a drive in Windows 8: Step 1: First, go to the drive that you want to format. Step 2: Right-Click on that drive and click on the “Format” option. Step 3: Select the file system […]

Support – How to Install Windows 7

Windows 7 is a personal computer Operating System. It was launched by the Microsoft Corporation in October 2009 as an upgrade from Vistas. In this post, we will guide you on how to install Windows 7 Operating System through easy to follow steps and supporting screenshots. Windows 7 is loaded with some new user friendly […]

Data Backup IT Support

Data Backup is an important mechanism by which all important data is stored in the hard-disk of a computer or a file server which is later copied to another media such as CD, DVD, tape, pen drive or external hard drive, etc. Backing up important files is the best you can do to safeguard all essential data […]

Support for Microsoft Windows Update

Windows Update is one easy and free way to help keep your PC running safely and smoothly. Update your Operating System to enhance the security features and its overall performance. Official Microsoft Windows Update assists in getting security patches as well as important updates installed on your computer and the process is mostly automatic. All […]

IT Support Chicago

Small Business IT Service Provider Do you face persistent and recurring computer or network management problems at your office? Every business relies on various IT systems such as computers, routers, printers and other peripherals. Each one of them can cause business disruption and effect your daily operations. As information technology gets more complex small businesses […]

User Account Support in Microsoft Windows 7

You cannot let everyone login to your computer with your “admin” account, right? What if you’ve kids at home you may accidently ruin operating system configuration or make changes that are irreversible? This is when a standard user account can help. What a Person with Standard User Access Can and Cannot Do A  standard account […]

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