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IT Consulting Chicago

Information Technology Consulting Services

For most businesses, Information Technology is often not the core area of their understanding. They find it hard to overcome the various technological challenges that come their way.

Here at DP Tech Group, we’ve seen businesses struggling with the following:

  • Frequent network connectivity glitches
  • Failed data backups
  • Virus infected workstations
  • Expired warranties
  • Risk of penalties from software vendors
  • Indecision about new IT infrastructure
  • Lack of understanding on cloud computing solutions

If you too have been facing such issues time and again, let DP Tech Group’s IT consultants in Chicago assist you.

Use Information Technology to Your Advantage

Using computers, networks, smartphones, cloud computing solutions and other such tech advancements shouldn’t have to pull you down. Businesses around the globe are using technology as driver of level playing field in the marketplace. You too can do that.

SMEs that cannot handle tech inadequacies can use IT to their advantage by availing our IT consulting services.

DP Tech Group is has dominated this niche since 2003. With so much accumulated IT experience, there is no problem too big to handle for our consultants.

Dial 773-358-1050 and talk to one of our senior IT consultants today.

Why hire DP Tech Group for IT Consulting Services?

DP Tech Group’s consultants have served hundreds of companies in Chicago as IT advisors since we first began operations in the year 2003.

If hiring a team of full-time IT consultants sounds too expensive a proposition for you (which it actually is), you can just choose DP Tech Group. You will have access to the finest of IT consultants without having to shell out a fortune.

We’ve addressed a wide range of issues and helped execute numerous small and large scale projects for our clients in Chicago area. We know how to tackle network security, we’re equipped for disaster recovery, we’ve been making successful technology recommendations and most importantly, we know how to turbo-charge your business by using newer technologies, software and IT solutions.

Information Technology Assessments

If your IT department is suffering from performance gaps, redundancies and inefficiencies, it can become very difficult to keep everyone happy.

DP Tech Group has its own comprehensive, no-nonsense system for assessing a business’s unique IT needs and challenges. We conduct a thorough review of all the critical technology areas to map out the most effective solution.

IT Security Consulting

If incorrectly configured, your official information could be at the radar of hackers and identity thieves in no time. To avoid the threats arising from information breach, our IT consultants can develop a state-of-the-art protection plan for your organization.

For every organization, we have a customized plan, which our IT consultants draw out after knowing your business more closely. Only after we’ve conducted a thorough network security assessment and installed the safest firewall and other safeguards into your systems and network, do we come out satisfied.

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