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Evans & Sutherland

Evans & Sutherland

Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation has made a name for itself in performance and reliability. The United States based company has also earned the reputation of being a leader in the field of computer graphics. Its products and services have found wide application in industrial and military fields. The company is one of the foremost computer graphics companies in the world.

evans sutherland

Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation has also been involved in the graphical stimulation parts of Star Trek movie series. As far as products and solutions for digital theater experience, visual simulation and visualization are concerned, Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation has maintained a leadership position through constant innovation. Its products and solutions are now used by motor vehicle operators, military and airline pilots, and ship operators.

The IT solutions of Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation power various databases, visual simulation applications, image generation software and high display systems used in military and industrial environments.


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