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Data Entry Turn Around Time – How Fast Can DP Tech Group Deliver?

How quickly a data entry job can be completed, is one of the main concerns of companies looking at outsourcing data entry projects. At DP Tech Group, a number of businesses operating in different industry verticals choose us time and again for data entry projects and even provide us with referral business simply because we ensure faster turnaround time than most other companies having data entry teams overseas.
When you ask how soon we can complete a data entry job, we do not simply provide you with a rough timeline to leave a great first-impression. We want to have a look at the nature of the data entry job, complexity involved and the volume. Yes, it take a little time, but all clients have thanked us later for this approach as they get a better idea of data entry project timelines.

Flexible Data Entry Turn Around Time for Different Projects
As data entry projects vary in size, scope and complexity involved in delivering it, we let you know in advance about the turnaround time (TAT) for a data entry job at hand. When you outsource a data entry project to our team overseas, the TAT can be six hours, 12 hours, a day or two days. For larger projects with several thousand or millions of pages, the turnaround time can be few weeks or months, with regular updates on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
With multiple work-ready data entry teams overseas, we at DP Tech Group, are here to adjust our schedule so that your requirements are taken care of in a timely manner. Rest assured, you will not be billed until you are fully satisfied with the quality of work delivered.
Dual Focus on Faster Turn Around Time and Quality of Work
While our data entry teams overseas focus on completing a job in the shortest possible timeframe, we do not ignore our commitment to accuracy or adherence to a pre-tested data entry processes. A data entry job, whether for a small, growing business or a large enterprise, even if delivered at lightning fast speed is of no use to the client, if inaccuracies or redundancies creep in. Quality has been and will always remain the foremost priority for us.
Project Managers for Larger Projects to Fulfill TAT Commitments
For larger data entry projects, it’s often difficult to keep track of multiple resources skilled in data entry, and the speed at which they complete various modules while ensuring quality. So, we at DP Tech Group, assign dedicated project managers who oversee one team each, working on your data entry project. Such a team will follow a 24-hour turnaround time and it will be completely dedicated to your project. So you save more by outsourcing your data entry requirements overseas, get high-quality work with skilled professionals in a timely manner and need not hire an expensive resource like a project manager in-house. From start to end, we do all the legwork for you.
Why Choose DP Tech Group for Data Entry Projects?
As your data entry partner, we will always surpass your expectations with regard to data entry turnaround time.
We can even ensure six or 12 hour turnaround time for data entry jobs that need to be delivered on the same night/day. We do so by using fast scanners (your original documents never leave your premises in this case), latest software tools and high speed FTP servers for data upload/download. Our project managers always have data entry teams overseas on standby, ready to be deployed for a larger project that needs to be completed on a shorter deadline.
Call us at 630-372-0100 to know more about the turnaround time (TAT) that we can commit for a specific data entry job at hand. We’ll get familiar with your data entry needs, time constraints that you have, and provide you with a quotation along with turnaround time. The good news is, we will also provide free sample work before you decide to choose us as your data entry service provider.

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