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Compal Electronics

Compal Electronicscompal electronics

Compal Electronics is a Taiwan based computer hardware manufacturing company with various subsidiaries leading the way in electronics, information technology services and communications industries. The company was established since 1984. Back then, it was just a computer peripheral supplier. Today, the company has become a leading manufacturer of smart devices and LCD products by utilizing its management expertise as well as the R&D capacity to fullest.

Compal has been recently focusing on its drive towards achieving perfection in the 5C’s of Communication, Cloud, Computing, Connecting and Customer services. With added focus on quality, cost, service and speed of launch, Compal Electronics ensures that the changing market demands are met by its high quality computing solutions. The company also boasts of being the second largest contract laptop manufacturer in the world. Compal is also one of the main suppliers of Intel’s Common Building Block initiative.



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