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Why Search Advertising Should a Part of Your Inbound Marketing Campaign

Inbound marketing is the preferred way of promoting products, services, etc. on the web now. After all, it’s the age of information and you no longer have to allocate heavy budgets for broadcasting marketing messages to massages. In other words, you need not rely on outbound marketing at all times.

What exactly is Inbound Marketing?

A form of marketing where customers ‘find’ you and not the other way round is known as inbound marketing.

SEO, for example, is done to ‘get found’ by customers.

But, Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enough?

Yes and no.

SEO Inbound Marketing Campaign

Yes, because search engine optimization done really well means steady and heavy volumes of traffic.

No, because SEO cannot be done overnight!

Create Visibility for Your Offerings with Search Engine Ads (PPC – Pay per Click Ads)

An average adult spends quite a large number of waking hours surfing the various forms of media on the Internet. He arrives on different websites through popular search engines. Search advertising, therefore, can help you ‘get found’ more easily and quickly by the potential customers.

SEO Inbound Marketing Campaign 1

If you manage to place your PPC ad at a prime spot where chances of getting noticed are high, an ongoing inbound marketing campaign (SEO+ PPC) will naturally receive a healthy boost.

Boost Your SEO Campaign with Search Advertising

Search advertising (PPC) campaigns can also help boost the SEO results of your brand. You probably know that SEO campaigns nowadays progress in an organic manner and therefore, results take time to pour in.

An advertising campaign can help you achieve results in a time bound manner before SEO campaigns finally succeed in generating targeted traffic.

Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

If you are expecting a healthy ROI (Return on Investment) for targeted traffic (if generated), there is no point ignoring PPC campaigns or search advertising.

SEO Inbound Marketing Campaign 3


The key benefits are:

  • Fast, measurable results
  • You have complete control over the budget as well as scheduling
  • The traffic generated is highly targeted
  • You only spend on the number of clicks

Our Recommendation

Keep in mind that the overall results are a function of many factors such as CPC, Quality Score, Ad Rank and budget.

Getting on the top spot of Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) alone isn’t enough! We recommend hiring an expert advertising campaign manager for best results.

Call us today if you need a free consultation on how PPC campaigns can augment an inbound marketing campaign.


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