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What are H1 and H2 tags and why they important for SEO

SEO is all about getting the word to search engines as to what your content is about. Nothing is more important in conveying that message than the headline tags that start from H1 to H2, H3 and the way down.

SEO H1 and H2 tags


H1 and H2 tags

H1 and H2 tags are critical to the structure of on-page SEO.

H1 usually refers to the main title of the page, while the subsequent content is headlined by H2 tags.

The criticality reduces as we go down from H1 to H2 and further.

Why Are These Tags Important?

H1 and H2 tags are basically markers that allow search engines to decide what a web page is about as well as its relative value.

SEO H1 and H2 tags importantance 1


It is therefore essential that you prepare your web page content in a manner that it includes H1 and H2 tags laden with keywords and long-tail keywords that are precise.

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