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Turbo Charge Your SEO Content Strategy by Answering Questions

Content is King. It is a well accepted rule in the Internet marketing community. But do you know how your content can be better optimized for superior search engine optimization?

Yes, the content has to be useful, interesting and engaging. But, one fact that most SEO professionals tend to ignore is that the content nowadays should also ‘answer’ questions of the target audience.

SEO Content Strategy

Let us explain why it is important and how you can turbo-charge your SEO content strategy by answering questions:

Many People Are Entering Questions as Search Queries

Yes, that is true.

A big chunk of Internet users directly enter ‘questions’ as search queries. So, if you are optimizing a web page for the keyword-combination ‘office furniture in ABC City,’ the target audience may probably be using keyword combinations such as:

  • Where to find office furniture in ABC City
  • How to find the best office furniture in ABC
  • How to buy the best office furniture
  • Can I get custom furniture for my office in ABC city

Embedding such questions ‘within’ the optimized page content means Google may rank it higher when queries are in the form of questions.

New Algorithm Updates Have a Greater Affinity for Content that Answers Questions

Your titles may or may not be in the form of questions but it is almost always possible to have questions deep inside the content.

Recent algorithm updates by Google appear to have greater ‘love’ for web pages that answer questions asked by users as ‘search queries.’

Can it help in Optimizing Pages for Long Tail Keywords?


Using questions as part of SEO content strategy is one of the best ways (there are others, too) to optimize your web pages for long tail keywords.

We recommend targeting long tail keywords also because achieving high rankings for smaller keywords is often very difficult.

What do Our SEO Experts Recommend?

First things first, do not overdo it. That is the standard advice applicable to just about any SEO technique.

Embed questions in the most natural way possible. Your SEO writer should have a clear idea of the kind of questions that the target users may ask about a product or service. Keyword research analyst can also provide valuable inputs to an SEO writer on how to optimize a given copy for a set of questions.


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