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The Importance of Anchor Text in SEO

Over the last 4 years, SEO has changed a great deal in response to algorithm changes rolled out by the search giant Google. As Penguin updates continue to pour in at routine intervals, it is now important that your backlink strategy isn’t flawed in any manner. Among numerous other factors, getting the ‘Anchor Text’ right is now more important than ever.

What is Anchor Text?

It is the text portion used to insert a link to another page (on the same or different domain).

Check the example below:

Importance of Anchor Text in SEO_1

What is the Role Played by Anchor Text in SEO?

Anchor Text essentially tells the search engine crawler about the target web page.

For example, if the anchor text is ‘the best SEO tips for local businesses,’ the crawler uses this information to judge the nature of content on the target blog post or web page.

Should Anchor Text always be optimized?

It is a good idea to optimize the anchor text but don’t overdo it!

For example, if you are going to create 20 backlinks with the same anchor text ‘small business furniture provider’ to a single post, do you not think the search engine crawlers will perceive it as ‘unnatural’?

Instead, you may want to consider anchor text ideas such as

  • The company providing small business furniture
  • Furniture companies specializing in small business furniture
  • SME furniture company
  • Cheap & good quality furniture for new businesses

And Obviously, Avoid the Common Mistakes

Do NOT paste the URL as the anchor text. Many people do it in an attempt to increase the click–ability of the link but it doesn’t really help. It only hurts the link’s SEO juice.

Also, avoid using anchor text sets such as ‘click here to know more’ or ‘read more by clicking here.’

Instead, be objective and create anchor text for humans and search engines both. The anchor text can be – ‘click here to submit the contact details’ or ‘read the next post titled Best SEO tips for Small Businesses.’

Final Words

For internal as well as external links, make it a point to follow an organic anchor text strategy. Stick to anchor text ideas that you think will be helpful to search engines as well as your target website visitors.


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