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What Should Your Small Business Blog About for Best SEO and Maximum Leads

Your official blog can go a long way in improving your small business’s online visibility. Done well, blogging will not only help in search engine optimization but also result in a higher number of leads on a regular basis.

But, what should your business really blog about? Many small business owners have no clue; they know about their core business but blogging, not so much!

Whether you are promoting your website on your own or have just hired an SEO firm, you must have more clarity on what your small business should blog about:

Write Posts Relevant to Your Clientele

Dedicate all your blog posts strictly to people you serve. Act as a reliable source of information on whatever your specialty is.

If you deal in technology and software, for example, create quality, step-to-step tutorials on how to get, install, and use different gadgets or software. You won’t have to write much if you have clear, fully-labeled pictures to get the message through.

In short:

Best SEO and Maximum Leads


Once people have begun to recognize you, they will over time develop a habit of getting back to your website for information or advice!

Don’t Just Produce Content; Develop Personal Connection

Your business is personal, and so should be your business blog. You can discuss just about anything while still coming onto your product or services by the end.

Instead of greedily stuffing each one of your blogs with SEO keywords, it is a better idea to focus on balancing SEO and brand building.

Best SEO and Maximum Leads 2


Don’t bore people with the same dry stuff that every second ‘About Us’ page is loaded with on the Internet!

Spend Time Only on Validated Ideas

It is important that you validate ideas before taking a final call on blog entries.

You can, for instance, ask a couple of questions on a specific product/topic on social media or community forums. The response you get will help identify what people are interested in.

Best SEO and Maximum Leads 3

Before posting a blog post, analyze whether a reader would really enjoy reading it or derive some value out of it.

If there is no value delivered to the reader, chances are there will be no gain for SEO or lead generation.

Keep Pace with the Trends

You can make your dedicated customers accept and like what you have, but not always and not for a long time. Move with the season.

Final Words

Blogging is an absolute must for both SEO and lead generation nowadays. Just make sure you focus on delivering actual value to the target audience. The value can be just useful information, expert advice, discount coupons, personalized assistance or something else.


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